GPS Fish Finder

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A fish finder is a sonar instrument is designed in combo pack with combination of GPS and other gadgets for the purpose of detecting fish under the water. It detects reflecting impulses of sound energy. All the electronic impulses that are reflected and make graphic rendition on the screen of the fish finder. In addition to locating fish, these unit also measures the depth of water, locates under water debris and structure of the seabed. Even the image of a fish or school of fishes can be viewed as a small icon/ as series of arches on the screen of the fish finder. So, it helps to catch more fishes.

TRANSDUCER: It is the main part of the fish finder. It sends the sound waves and shows what is underneath the surface of the water. It sends sonar signal into the water, bounces off of the objects under the water and picks-up by the transducer into pictures. It has powerful imaging technology with ability to give reading up to 1500 ft deep and side imaging offers 240 feet reading on each side of the boat.

FISHFINDER AND GPS: An ultimate fishing tool with GPS adding and best one. It helps to mark the hot fishing spots and make easy to return to that spot in future, as the spot is marked on the GPS. These spots are called way points and can be marked hundreds to thousands of spots with it. The GPS also gives navigation through the waters and provides maps and charts. It’s most benefit is safety in the water. Where you fish, which direction you go and where is your home, you can find with help of the GPS. For example, you fishes throughout different location during the day, or you could lose sight of land, or some severe weather could suddenly rollout, in such situations, a GPS fish finder can gives you the exact direction to your home as well as to your country with distance in kms.

HOW FISHFINDER WORKS: The ultra sonic waves from the GPS fish finder are trans- mitted directly underneath the boat. When it hits a fish/fish school a weak reflections return back to where the ultrasonic waves were originally trans-mitted. Received reflection converts into an electrical signal and subsequently sends to the receiving circuit of the fish finder. The circuit amplifies the weak signal and the processor unit processes them to generate images in orange/red/green/blue on the screen. So a fish school of high density or rocks on the seabed return stronger signals, so they will be shown in a reddish colour, while a fish school of low density or small will be shown in a bluish colour. This way a fish finder reads and lets to read the bottom and everything in it. The multi beam sonar technology covers a much wider area under the water.