Marine Fishing Light

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A fishing light/Attractor is a fishing aid to the GPS fish finder which light used in water to attract the fish and members of their food chain.

PURPOSE: It is peculiar, fisherman seek conditions where the chance of catching fish is optimized, similarly fish seek areas where the chance of catching their food is optimal. Most game fish seek waters that are rich in food such as smaller fish, insects or shrimps. The food congregation is the most attractive place for the game fishes. Scientific research shows that all members of this food chain have eyes sensitive to the colours like blue and green. If water is rich in nutrients and contains photosynthetic micro organisms and plants, the chlorophyll in their bodies preferentially absorb red light. The remaining unabsorbed light transmitted and scattered, thus giving the water a greenish appearance. If water contains a lot of organic material from decaying plant life or suspended sediment, it may take on a yellow-brown colour. Fish and some members of their food chain have colour receptors. Their eyes are optimized for the light of their “space”. In visual information processing, an animal can recognize something is different in its space-i.e there is food or a predator “over there”. So they can detect not only changes in light intensity but also contrasts in colour. It calls colour vision. So, in conclusion it is known the light attracts the fish, shrimp and insects at night. The best colour of light attractor is blue or green, the space colours of fish and members of their food chain. Little about the fishing light properties:

1. High intensity
2. Emit it’s light in a colour similar to the fishes space (blue or green)
3. Be powered by a portable electrical supply and
4. Be submersible

It is LEDS and fluorescent lights draw much less electrical energy. It can’t be submerged in water without risks of electrical shock or damage to the light system, like tungsten-halogen and medium pressure mercury etc. Groups of fishing lights: It is two types (1) portable and permanently mounted. The portable lights are relatively low in light intensity and permanently mounted lights are very bright (6-8000 lumens) operated daily for 8 hours. It calls the stadium spot lights, are energy efficient and illuminates a large area of water with green colour. To positioning the bulb under water deliver approximately twice as much light as required to attract the fish. However the modification must be done professionally as the high voltages that it can be lethal. The power ballast and lamp housing is mounted on a pole in a dry location. Floating light on a fishing line bed, the lamp is positioned under water by weights on its submerged power supply cord. The bulb is fragile, so it covered with protective hard lenses glass. A permanently fixed fishing light if operated every night, it takes a week or two for large fish to discover. Once discovered, the fish return regularly-often arriving at predictable times of the evening.

In conclusion “Using of Light” is a common way to trap fishes in fishery industry. Attraction of fishes by light is to induce them to form a large shoal using artificial light source at night taking advantage of fishes photo taxies. Fishing light is indispensible for most of fishing fans or anglers. It can help us illuminate at night and attract the fish. There are three types of fishing lights are used to attract the fishes in deep layer, middle layer and upper layer. Good fishing lights can work in salt water as well as sweet water under 100 mtrs deep. It is anti shock, anti-moisture, no RF interference, no bugging noise and no fluorescent flickering-stable. They are-

-Under water Fishing lights
-Ballast hanging lights
-Floating/Submergable lights