Life Boat & Life Saving Equipments

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ABOUT Life Boat

When you wish to spend your time on water, then boating can be the best option to cradle in the middle of a lake, river or Sea with access to various modern amenities right on board.

Although your boat can be your floating abode. That offers you with unlimited access to the beauty of water. To make you ful comfortable in water, the outfitting of your boat should be equipped with most essential equipments. Which can make your ride even more luxurious and safe. For this trip “Life Boat” is most important. Also it is a life saving equipment on board a ship, which is used at the time of extreme emergencies for abandoning a ship.

Life boat is a smaller rigid vessel, secured on board into devits. So that it can be launched over the side of a ship. So that, with least time a mechanical assistance is possible for an early escape of the crew from the ship/safest evacuation of boarded members to offshore platforms with safe and reliable access. Also life boat may be used independently for all these purposes. They are three types, like opened, closed and free fall system. Also Tower type, column type and riding ladder types are there.

ABOUT Life Saving Equipments

All the “Life boat” must be equipped with life saving equipments. In fact to it to provide safety to its members.

It is essential to have certain security boating equipments on board, such as rations, fresh water, first aid box, compass, fire exitinguishers, life jackets, working lights, flash lights, distress signaling equipments like rockets, life seving rings, belts, balls etc. it should have a GPS for navigation purpose, a radio set should be there for open communication. It must have a pilge pump set to liftout water from the boat. Beside all these other implements like Oars, Crutches, Boat hooks, Drainge valves, Buoyant life lines, Sea Anchors, barding ladder, Bucket and Bailer, Hatchet, Bow line, day-night signing mirror, whistles etc.

A rescue life boat should be there. This craft attends vessel indistress and rescue survivors. It may be hand pulled or powered by an engine. They are 3types as inland used on lakes/ rivers and in-shore and off-shore.