Token Display System

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Any establishment in the pursuit of providing some services to the society cannot be having infinite resources to make the waiting time for getting served a zero. Hence there must be some kind of queue that has to be managed in a transparent and just full manner.

Managing a queue is much more serious problem when the time required to serve a person cannot be predetermined. This is very much true in case health care services where the time taken depends on type of disease interaction with the patient etc. The last that patient expects is to get served on first come first saved basis. There is traditionally followed recycled electronic tokens to the patients walking in and make them meet consultant on being called.

The manual token process is very tedious and prove to human errors, suspicious of tampering and communication problem among hospital staff and patient may accrued. To face such situation it is necessary to have automatic token management system.

The system usually consist of more than one calling unit and a display unit. Token dispensers are employed to get the token printed and to registered service request. All these units are connected to the central controlling unit called token Hub. So, the token management system has the modules like (1) Token Dispenser unit (2) Token calling unit (3) Token Display units & (4) Token Hub etc.

Token machine is an electronic device is used in different currency exchange counters, Banks, Airports, public dealing offices, Hospitals, Doctors clinics, Restaurants and other such places where people waits for their turn to be served.


Decrease customer wait times, improve service efficiency, and increase revenues with Advanced Token Management System:

• Designed with the end customer in mind.

• Simple and yet technologically advanced.

• Extremely easy to operate. It is designed to help customers rather than confuse them with technical complexity.

• Supports both standalone as well as PC-based operation.

Eliminate Long Lines :

Offers customers freedom to move about in lobby, read advertising brochures or simply take a seat, while waiting for their turn to be served.

Boost Staff Productivity :

Offers employees good working condition- where they can be efficient yet relaxed without being intimated by the queue of overlooking people awaiting service.

Gain Insights :

Offers managers detailed Efficiency Reports that allow him to optimize resource allocation, respond to staff workloads and provide better service to his customers.

Applications :

#1-Token Management System for Hospitals

Having and efficient hospital queue management system has now become a necessity at health care institutions especially when the patient visiting the facility are either in pain or frail health, making it difficult for them to queue for long periods of time until a medical practitioner is available to treat them. Our hospital queue management system helps manage a seamless flow of patient right from an initial entry point to check out.


Managing long queues during peak business hours has always been a huge problem for banks. Our queue management systems are specially designed for banks allowing them to reduce queue lengths and increase staff productivity and operational efficiency.

Key Features:

• System supports up to 32 services and 64 counters.

• Supports multiple dispensers of various types (Switch based, Touch screen Kisok and mixed)

• Built in Digital Signage for Promotional videos, slides and multilingual text on TV based Master Displays.

• Token number displays for the counters.

• Multilingual Voice announcement.

• Modular Service-browser Client based design on Windows OS.

• Nested and Multi service selection.

• Manual and Preconfigured multiservice forwarding.

• Detailed management reports and analytical data.

• Graphical reports.

• Delay alerts to Management.

• Dynamic load distribution.

• Central Monitoring System.

• Easy data backup and restore.

• Multiple provisions for priority customers.

• Option of form based data collection against each token.

• Facility to add remarks to each token. The remarks are visible to every successive operator to whom this token is forwarded. Next operator can add his own remarks.

• Forward-back a token. An operator can forward-back a token to another service. On completion at forwarded service, the token is returned back to sender counter on priority.

• Facility to call by case Number, name or mobile No.

• Facility to split services across several dispensers.

• Facility to have time slot based multiple services for the same room.

• Facility to have multiple token printing stations spread across the network.

• Facility to have separate Master Displays for each department.